About Me

DavidMy name is David and I love DIY. I don’t really know exactly when I became obsessed with it, but I’ve always liked making things and whenever I was a kid, I was the only one who wanted to help our parents paint whenever it was a time for a fresh coat, so I guess I started on this track when I was pretty young.

I started my DIY kick in earnest when I was a newlywed (we’re going on ten years now!). My wife wanted to build a deck for our house. I thought she was crazy, because he is not a very manual person. She’s more the type to call someone and hire them. And as I predicted, he got frustrated pretty quickly. We didn’t have the budget to hire a contractor, so it was up to me. I did my research and built the whole thing by myself. When it was done, instead of feeling exhausted, I was proud of myself and felt empowered. That’s when I knew I’d caught the DIY bug.

In the ten years since I built that deck, we’ve remodeled and added onto our house. My friends and I will actually have DIY parties where we will pitch in and do a project at a friend’s house. I’ve also gotten into woodworking and sell my wares at local craft fairs. DIY and crafts aren’t just my hobby anymore—they’re my passion.